Good Friends, Hot Tub, and Rum….

Some good friends will be arriving for a short visit tomorrow and if Mother Nature is kind to us, we plan to “tourist it up” for them on Sunday. With their hectic lives, they may opt for extra leisure time, in which case it will be a lingering brunch by the pool – plenty of fresh fruit, Meyer Lemon poppyseed muffins and other things, then a trip a bit later down to Seven-Mile Bridge near Marathon so they can see the view of the Keys that is in so many movies. We’ll head back this way, stop at the Wyland Wall (actually it’s a small building), and then proceed to Jimmie Johnson’s Big Chill for sunset and an early dinner. If the timer works on the hot tub (usually, but no guarantee), it will be up to temperature when we return. It will be sitting under the stars, drinks in hand, Tiki torches flickering, Jimmy Buffet in the background. While my girlfriend said she wanted plenty of rum and Coke, we intend to introduce her to my husband’s killer mojitos, too, and then she can decide.

If they are feeling up for a morning excursion, breakfast will be earlier and we’ll go out to the Everglades first, or even the Coral Castle, followed by a light lunch and then proceed down to the Keys. I mean, seriously, isn’t this why you have friends in South Florida to start with?

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