Birds in Flight on a Sunday Afternoon…


It was one of those moments that make you smile – a flock of ibis passing over the tops of palm trees, followed not long after by a pair of green parrots that came from the opposite direction. The ibis (hmm, is ibis singular and plural?) are more graceful in flight and certainly don’t squawk, but the parrots have been in the neighborhood longer. In fact, the ibis took up nearby residency only a few months ago, or at least that’s when we first noticed them in this part of the neighborhood. We see them almost daily now either poking their long, slender beaks in the grassy areas or flying from one spot to the next. I don’t know much about ibis, although learning about birds is on my to-do list and I have a couple of books that I keep handy. I am often not close to the book though and by the time I do take a peek, I tend to find myself asking if it looked like this bird, or was it more that one? Trying to snap a photo with my Iphone is definitely not a solution since I’m not exactly speedy when it comes to using my Iphone (or proficient for that matter, but that’s for another post).

At any rate, while being underwater diving is still a favorite Sunday pastime, relaxing around the pool with a chilled glass of wine, the hibiscus in bloom, lemons ripening on the tree, and tropical birds decorating the sky isn’t a shabby way to spend an afternoon. What are some of the things you enjoy when you have one of those weekend days at home?

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