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Happy New Year to All!

If I had a client who neglected her or his website the way I have over the past few months, I would chide them at a minimum. It has been an interesting few months that I will be able to discuss more about in February. Happily, the diversions have to do with the non-fiction book, Mystery of the Last Olympian, that is finally with the printer.

I gave up making New Year’s resolutions quite some time ago since like most people, those were lucky to last until Saint Patrick’s Day. This is an occasion, however, that I will try to maintain one and strive to do more frequent updates. Those who follow the blog won’t find much new, but in today’s social media environment, people come through different venues and as always, I want everyone to feel welcome.

In the midst of all the happenings and discussions about shipwreck exploration, I was inspired to write a scuba-themed short story, “A Different Treasure”. I had fun with it and I think you’ll enjoy it as well. On the rest of the writing front, I did leave Detective Bev Henderson in Verde Key with a dead body. I’ll get back to her soon and flesh out the rest of that story.

And speaking of reading, if you live in one of the cold climates, I naturally recommend curling up or stretching out in front of a fire with a favorite book and beverage. If you’re somewhere more temperate, you can “beach read” instead.